What can an RTPE do for you?

"You" = everyone involved in an insurance claim. Policy Holder, Contractor, even the claims representative. All three can be viewed as conflicted in their position since each stands to benefit from an unjustified gain in the settlement. Registered Third Party Evaluators, or RTPEs, do not stand to benefit from an unjustified scope of work on the insurance claim. They can be your competent voice representing the needs of the project. In the face of bullies, these qualified experts can...

What can an RTPE do for you?

Solving a Long-Standing Problem

Qualified Third-Party Restoration Experts Help You Without Bias

The Problem

Insurance claims adjusters and “Third Party Administrators” rarely possess an adequate understanding of your projects required to debate a competent structural restoration strategy. Yet they consistently attempt to declare your processes to be wasteful or wrong, and often argue and resort to bullying tactics to get their way.

The Solution

The job… the structure… needs some neutral “representation” by a qualified entity prior to, and during the restoration processes. An exceptionally qualified, neutral party is needed on the job to speak to the needs of the structure. This individual must be someone who has no prospect of reward once the scope of work has been established.

Introducing the RTPE

The Registered Third Party Evaluator (RTPE) is an individual who has attained exemplary formal education in the restoration of structures and contents. The RTPE can provide valuable services in defining and establishing the fulfillment of workmanship following structural damage due to fire, smoke, water, weather, and other unforeseen events.

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