What can an RTPE do for you?

“You” = everyone involved in an insurance claim. Policy Holder, Contractor, even the claims representative. All three can be viewed as conflicted in their position since each stands to benefit from an unjustified gain in the settlement.

Registered Third Party Evaluators, or RTPEs, do not stand to benefit from an unjustified scope of work on the insurance claim. They can be your competent voice representing the needs of the project. In the face of bullies, these qualified experts can help set matters straight fairly by providing a myriad of services. From DryStandard Inspections and reporting, to scope writing and technical consulting, the qualified experts that make up the RTPE team can offer you unbiased, competent services that can help keep bullies off your back while you do the work that matters.

DryStandard Inspections

RTPEs are usually ideal candidates in leading a DryStandard Inspections service.

A truly seasoned professional restoration contractor with frequently decades of experience can be a welcomed collaborator with the parties present on the first day of the walk-through… and every subsequent day as well. The RTPE does not attempt to “pirate” the decision making processes on the job, but rather, bring the perspective of an unbiased and professional representation of the needs of the project repairs; done safely, expediently, fully and fairly.

An RTPE frequently will have their qualified assistants (RTPE-As) conduct and record a variety of tests necessary to establish the protocol necessary to complete the scope of work. These Assistants will usually attend the project regularly and record the progress of repairs – especially drying progress on water damage losses, since this is frequently the most contentious of all services provided by restoration contractors. The RTPE reviews the data collected as it is submitted.

Once completed, the RTPE can sign the final report and a copy is given to those scheduled to receive it.

Scope Writing Services

When an RTPE is operating in the capacity of an “RTPE,”… they cannot accept an offer to perform the repairs on the structure since they could then be viewed as conflicted. (Although they may be retained to oversee the repairs from the perspective of a third party.)

The RTPE may offer their expertise in defining the scope of work. Their advanced education can introduce an objective perspective in how the project is executed.

Technical Consulting

Some projects and/or events can be overwhelming. An RTPE is likely to have “been there… done that.” Their seasoned experience can be of enormous help when others are simply in over their heads. Their level-headed approach to a project can be a critical part of the safe execution of the work necessary on the job.

To learn even more about the RTPE, click here to view the five article series from the RIA Cleaning and Restoration Magazine. PDF link will open in a new tab.