Even an RTPE has only so much time in a day that is available. They can certainly use a qualified Assistant to collect data from the field on their behalf. However, these Assistants are not simply “unskilled labor.” They must have experience so that they know what to look for on behalf of the RTPE.

An IICRC Master or Journeyman Restoration Technician is ideal for the title of RTPE-Assistant (RTPE-A). They would have sufficient experience in the field to recognize areas of particular concern, equipment malfunction, and structural complications. They would also understand many of the technical tests that would be necessary in a comprehensive evaluation. They would also not be intimidated by the nature of the peril encountered since they have many years of experience actually restoring structures from what overwhelms so many who enter this industry.

If you are a seasoned and experienced formally trained restoration technician and possess an IICRC Journeyman or Master Restoration designation (or similar advanced experience and formal education), you may apply to be approved as an RTPE-A.


If you feel that you are in a “dead end position” at your current place of employment, or you wish to fast track your career through a mentoring effort from the industry’s most qualified and experienced restoration professionals, the RTPE-A might be the right fit for you.

RTPEs will coach you in how to approach projects in a fashion that reflects true professionalism. Communication and technical skills are necessary to be recognized as a truly qualified expert in the restoration industry. Through association and close collaboration, the RTPE-A can learn from and be guided in their efforts to be an RTPE themselves.